Dear children, now we would like to talk to you about a sport that – even though doesn’t represent one of Milan historical landmarks – could be played in a beautiful driving range inside Milan horse racecourse: golf.

George Bernard Shaw (awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature) didn’t considered it to be a prestigious sport and stated that it isn’t necessary to be stupid to play golf, but it helps.

Actually, golf is a very difficult sport to play, despite its recurrence: shot and walk, shot and walk, shot and walk. Have you ever tried to hit a golf ball with an iron while twisting your upper body in hopes of launching the ball in the right direction?

Just try, and you will find it not to be so easy! If you don’t swing correctly you will miss the ball or lift a clump of grass and the ball will run across the green like a crazy mouse rather than lifting up.

So, don’t be prejudiced and listen to the story of this old sport!
More than 800 years ago, both in Scotland and Holland people played golf and actually we don’t know precisely where it was born and its origins are unclear and much debated.

By the way, it seems it was shepherds favourite hobby… Yes, you heard correctly! They played it while their herd of sheep was grazing. So try to imagine beautiful vast meadows, maybe skirting the beach. Try to imagine typical northern views with the wind blowing along the coasts.

Rumours has it that sand hollows you can find in the greens are inspired by those that sheep dug as shelters from the wind.

Yet how is a green made? It is the only sport in which the course shape changes according to the place.
Every green is different from the others and its features vary according to the area: level ground, hill or even mountain!

What is certain is that you always play outdoor and this is an important characteristic that makes this discipline a pleasant and fascinating hobby.
The aim is to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using as few strokes as possible, and it is quite difficult!

The most beautiful thing is that it allows players of different proficiency to play against each other thanks to the handicap system. Like when you were children and your father gave you the lead in a run race! Golfers always compete against themselves: at the beginning you might miss lots of golf shots, but little by little you will improve your skills and miss just a few… Just like when using your video games, right? The higher the level the toughest the game is!

The only negative aspect is that you are not allowed to hang out here (unless being monitored by an expert) until succeeding in an exam showing you can behave without shooting at random, lifting a clump of grass, screaming, cheating or overtake those who were playing before you. You should respect all the rules that have been introduced during the last eight centuries!

By the way, we want to accompany you and see a public green where you can enter the clubhouse – maybe while having a snack – and look at the view!
But please, don’t go there by car – it would be against the golf spirit – rather cycle! Take a day off and go to Le Rovedine Golf. It will be a pleasant tour and it will surely be worth the ride.

Follow manoxmano itinerary Cycling to the Abbazia di Chiaravalle. Pass in front of the Abbazia di Chiaravalle up to the crossroad with Via Ripamonti, turn left and left again and there you are! (4 km far from Abbazia di Chiaravalle).

You might be wondering “How can I train if I’m not allowed to enter?”. You can go to a driving range where you will learn – after hitting hundreds of balls – how to shoot and refine your movements. Since you know something more about it, why don’t you visit one? You don’t have to go to Rovedine, you can find one near San Siro Stadium, right next to the horse racecourse entrance. Remember: you will find a driving range in every green, however there are lots of driving ranges without a green!

You might be wondering why you have to enter here… Well, the driving range is located inside the annular horse racecourse and it is closed on Sundays. Do you know why? Because on Sundays horse races are held and you might hit a jockey in his head!
By the way, this driving range is called San Siro Golf Accademy and here Fabian Barrio – a talented Argentinean guy – will take care of you (just call him beforehand!). You must absolutely know that you will have a free trial (twice a week) to understand at least what does playing golf means.

Look at “Disport in Sport” itinerary or choose your favourite sport and let manoxmano guide you!


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