Let’s start from the meaning of the word SPORT. Shortening of disport from French desport, both meaning pleasure, enjoyment, delight.

Sport means amusement, and that’s how this should always be considered: you might win or lose, but the most important thing is to have fun! How many times people told you that the important thing in life is not victory but combat, it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well? We can definitely tell you that sport means amusement and it isn’t mandatory to become champions, yet every sport you play, play it well, happily and diligently.

If you love sport you will surely know how do you feel excited, thrilled and nervous while looking at the penalty kicks during the World Cup final or at skaters pirouettes at the Olympic Games. This is valid for your friends, your parents and your parents’ friends as well, at all ages! This is because sport – whichever it is – is a passion, a love that gives joys, pains and memorable recollections that will be engraved in your hearts.

We will suggest you some legendary places that hosted, and still host, some of the most well-known sports disciplines. Pay attention, we don’t need you to do some sport, rather to see and realize how beautiful could be to discover the places where the greatest champions of all times – the sport legends – rode, cycled, drove, sweat, suffered and exulted.

You just have to choose the one you are interested in the most, even though you will not be able to see all in a single day. By the way, we would advise you to take a stroll at Milan Lido.

This is a very old and peculiar place that was specifically meant to let Milanese have fun – even though sports legends have never been here. It is always open and even though it isn’t pretty clear whether you will be able to see everything – the huge pool with the small island at the core included – it is worth a visit. Just go in and ask. It was built almost 100 years ago with the aim of turning Milan – together with the close horse racecourse – into a city of sport and – let’s also say – amusement. This was a meeting point where – besides sport activities – parties and balls were held.

Today, it is probably less sumptuous and elegant than before, yet provided with sports and leisure equipment. In manoxmano opinion this should be the starting point of every itinerary you will decide to do since it is located in a central position and – most of all – because it shows you that sport is amusement!

Just choose your favourite one and let manoxmano guide you!


Besides Autodromo Nazionale di Monza and Golf Le Rovedine green – out-of-the-way yet easily reachable places – we will show you some venues located in the same area – north-west one – all achievable from Piazzale Lorenzo Lotto, tube line MM1, Lotto stop.

N.B.Milan’s Arena Civica is not mentioned since it was built as a place where different kinds of shows were held (even though people played football there at the very beginning!). It now hosts athletics and rugby but unfortunately you can’t visit it – unless some particular events are held.

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