manoxmano tells you about Milan!
It addresses children telling them
about huge shells and stone devils,
pink flamingos and kind outlaws,
towers and castles, witches and ghosts,
ancient canals and new quarters,
fields, flowers and a city
that we still don’t know enough!

Let’s do something together with our children and not only for them.
Let’s take advantage of their eyes and imagination in order to benefit from our city in a pleasant and enjoyable way.
Let’s share with them some simple experiences worth living.
Ringaringaround, Ringaringinside, Ringaringoutside
Three different ways to ringaringaround the city!
Cold, warm, rainy or sunny, manoxmano suggests you how to spend a couple of hours or an entire day in Milan.
Together with your children, choose where to go, what to see, where to eat…
Let’s respect the environment and learn to behave in a sustainable way in order to benefit a better quality life.
Let’s help our children to develop their knowledge through their innate need of fun.
Let’s make them discover and know Milan by hearing stories, legends and curiosities as they were “auditory fairy tale”..



Paola Caneva
Founder – Director – Content Curator
Luca Martino
Website Manager



Corso di P.ta Romana 54 – 20122 Milan (PEC)
telephone: 02 58328466
P.IVA/CF 08535470960
REA MI-2032066



Corso di P.ta Romana 54 – 20122 Milan
telephone: 335 5475909
P.IVA/CF 97706900152
Members of the Management Committee:
president: Paola Maria Caneva
councilor: Paola Agnese Gerosa
councilor: Luca Corsolini
Honorary member: Arch. Marco Ferreri
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