manoxmano will make you discover the green spaces of Milan in order to appreciate nature


NATURE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ART (working-class proverb)

People say that Milan has not enough green spaces and, probably, compared to other European cities, it might be true. However, there are some beautiful gardens that we want to tell you about in order to make you consider them (as good citizens) as an appendix of your home and to make you get used to live them as a fundamental routine. We have chosen for you the most ancient ones that were born as private parks of prestigious palaces and that later became environmental heritage of the city. Very particular gardens that will offer you not only fields where you can play, but also many beautiful and interesting things to see!

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Not everyone knows it, but your city has big parks that are easy to reach and that can host you for a whole day without boring you! We are talking about huge parks where it’s possible to run breathlessly, pedal at a supersonic speed, carry your rucksack and spend an entire day outside having fun with your friends, grandparents and relatives… and to get there, you only took the metro! Some of these green spaces are modern, while other ones are part of our tradition. In fact, in some of these parks, you may also find some old still working farmsteads , farms with cows, chickens, horses and goats! So, what are you waiting for setting up a trip into nature?
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