There is a very common sport that has an old story and in order to play it you don’t need anything: neither a tool, nor an animal, nor a pitch, nor some rules. The only thing you need are your legs and we are talking about running.

Running – with its different forms – is the oldest sport of the world. There are a lot of evidences proving its diffusion from ancient times. Indeed people have always run and will always keep doing it!
You can run as fast as you can within a circuit just for short stretches or more slowly in a track covering a longer distance to test your endurance. You can run without any limit to enjoy your city and – most of all – the greenery in a park or a garden! Today we would like to talk to you exactly about it: running.

There is a memorable Italian champion – an Olympic marathon runner who became famous for not winning – named Dorando Pietri, who participated in the London marathon more than 100 years ago, outrunning all his rivals until he started staggering just a few meters from the finish line. Maybe for the hot weather, the too heavy effort or the thrill, Dorando was sustained by a judge and a doctor up to the finish to be then disqualified.
All the spectators were touched, all crying and throwing their hands up for his missed victory.
Just think that the Queen of England awarded him anyhow with a gilded silver cup and a famous English journalist said: “The Italian’s great performance can never be effaced from our record of sport, be the decision of the judges what it may”.
Today, in Italy and above all in Milan, runners are becoming more and more and they never miss the opportunity to turn a run among friends in a city sporting event. Their main aim is neither a goal, nor a stage, nor a score, rather good health, well-being as well as the desire to compete against themselves to improve their performances! Indeed, runners train like crazy for marathons even though their aim is not to outrun the rivals, rather being faster! They work out in some beautiful places along suggestive and panoramic paths or parks – teeming with water fountains to slake their thirst – where to run safely and big enough to cover a long distance without going through the same path twice.
In the north-western part of Milan you will find two suitable parks: Parco Monte Stella and Portello, both rich in hills and slopes. Just think that at Parco del Portello runners who climb up the spiral hill never meet those climbing down!
Even though quite far from here, one of the main marathons of the world is the one held in New York: the best runners cover 42 km in about two hours. Don’t miss the one – during the springtime – here in Milan as well!
(Besides Monte Stella – lying north of the horse racecourse and Portello – located in front of CasaMilan – you will also find according to the season and time Parco Lambro, Bosco in Città (Wood-in-the-city), Parco Sempione and many others).
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