This was the first fountain built in Milan… As the plague was eradicated and some districts of the city were redevelop, the inhabitants wanted the city – and most of all the cathedral area – to be worthy of its importance: a meeting place to admire the golden statue of Virgin Mary!
The fountain is beautiful… Water gushes upwards, coming out from dolphins snout – in the middle basin – and lions jaws – in the lower one – to then pour on mermaids face as if they are crying… Milanese call them “Le Teodolinde” and they have become the symbol of troubled love… Probably they cry because of a serious event more than 30 years ago… But this story is too sad and you do not need to know it!


Piermarini’s Fountain
piazza Fontana, Milan
how to get there:
tram line 2, 3, 12, 14, 15, 16, 23, 27
metro line M1/M3 Duomo