Pedalling towards Piazza San Babila on the pedestrian area of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, on the left you will see an opening and in front of you a majestic church… If you think it is not so imposing, just get closer and stand under the colonnade…
Now you will suddenly realize how huge and tall the columns are! We want you to enter the church admire the stoups… Do you think they are fake? No, they aren’t, these shells are real and they belong to the biggest living mollusc, Tridacna Gigas, it reaches 1 meter and a half in length and two quintals in weight… Lets say it weighs like two dads and a half!


San Carlo Church
piazza San Carlo, Milan
opening time:
Open from 7.30am till 12am and from 4pm till 8pm
how to get there:
Bus line 54, 61, 73, 94
metro line M1 San Babila