Here it is, this is the oldest stadium in Italy! It was built before football even existed! The Arena is more than 200 years old and it was built by Napoleon Bonaparte who – with his well known modesty – wanted to recreate the magical atmosphere of the Roman amphitheatre that used to be a thousand years ago! Firstly it was exclusively used for military parades, games, chariot races and real naval battles!
You might be wondering how… The central part of the theatre was filled up with water so that everything could sail…It is also said that once there were a whale and a dolphin splashing about in the water! After Napoleon death, the Arena was used for great parties in the open while the weather got cold it turned into a huge skating rink and then – only 100 years ago – a real stadium for Milanese football.
During the 50s, however, the stadium couldn’t manage to house all supporters so that it was abandoned for about 10 years and then started hosting track-and-field events, American football and rugby matches and other important events.
Unfortunately, nowadays you can visit it only on the occasion of special circumstances or sport events and only from the outside! Remember that if you are ringingaringaround the Arena on the side of Viale Elvezia and you want to take a stroll here, you are very close to ChinaTown, going to via Canonica you will be shrouded in unknown pleasant smells, flavours and colours!

Arena Civica Gianni Brera
Viale Giorgio Byron, 2, Milan
telephone: 02 88464149/24
opening time:
Open for events
how to get there:
tubeline M1(Cairoli and Cadorna) e M2 (Cadorna and Lanza)
tram line 1-2-4-12-14-19-27
bus line 43-57-61-70-94