Torre Branca

Get closer little by little to the 110m-high tower base, entirely made of steel tubes… Have you seen? It’s almost invisible thanks to its light structure… You can climb to the top with only 4 Euros… And don’t worry… There is a large lift that in less than a minute will take you to the top to admire Milan beauty! If you go up on a cloudless day (without fog, smog or rain…) you will even see the Alps!

If you have no head for heights it would be better to admire it from the ground, because after all… 110 metres correspond to more than 35 floors!!! Don’t miss it when it gets dark early: you probably will not see the Alps yet Milan thousands of lights, turning from a chaotic and noisy city to a huge crib!

Just one thing… Be sure your parents are prepared enough to answer to all your questions… What is this? What is that? Where is North, and South and East and West? You will surely spot the most important buildings standing out! Pirellone (Pirelli Tower), Torre Velasca (Velasca Tower), Duomo and its Virgin Mary, Torre Breda (Breda Tower in piazza della Repubblica,) la Torre Galfa (Galfa Tower between via Galvani and via Fara… From which the name comes from!), the twin towers of Garibaldi Station, Lombardy Region Palace, all the new buildings in Porta Nuova (Unicredit Tower, Torre Solea (Solea Tower), Torre Solaria (Solaria Tower), Torre Diamante (Diamond Tower), Bosco Verticale (Vertical Garden)…) and then towards the old trade fair, the straight, the crooked and the bent/a> (unfinished skyscrapers, whose real names are Isozaki, Hadid and Libeskind Tower – named after their architects!)…Before climbing to the top of the tower look at them in photographs… Spot them out from that height will be a child’s play!


Torre Branca
viale Milton, Milan
telephone: 02.3314120
Summer season opening (from May 15th to September 15th):
Tuesdays 3pm-7pm/8.30pm-midnight
Wednesdays 10.30am-12.30am/3pm-7pm/8.30pm-midnight
Thursdays 3pm-7pm/8.30pm-midnight
Fridays 3pm-7pm/8.30pm-midnight
Saturdays 10.30pm-2pm/2.30pm-7.30pm/8.30pm-midnight
Sundays 10.30pm-2pm/2.30pm-7.30pm/8.30pm-midnight
Winter season opening (from September 15th to May 15th):
Wednesdays 10.30am-12.30am/4pm-6.30pm
Saturdays 10.30am-1pm/3pm-6.30pm/8.30pm-midnight
Sundays 10.30am-2pm/2.30pm-7pm
price: 5€
how to get there:
tubelines M1 (Cairoli and Cadorna) and M2 (Cadorna and Lanza)
tram lines 1-2-4-12-14-19-27
bus lines 43-57-61-70-94