Do you love football? Do you want to know and see something more than a TV match?
First of all, you must know that football was born 150 years ago in England, as a leisure activity in the famous English schools, do you know what we are talking about? Those colleges where students wear the same uniform! Classes were made by 10 students and the teacher played too: that’s why there are 11 players. Funny, isn’t it?

Let’s get back to us… Milan has two super teams and a super stadium! Let’s start from San Siro stadium. That’s how Milanese call it, even though its real name – from more than 30 years – is Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. Who Giuseppe Meazza was? He was a great champion, he’s considered by many experts the best Italian player ever and his story dates back to 80 years ago when he won twice – with the Italian National Foot ball Team – the World Cup!

He started playing football when he was 6 – together with his neighbours – running after a rug ball.
It was clear that he would have been a champion, but he was so poor that he got his first football cleats from a fan – since his family couldn’t afford them. When he decided to take part in the AC Milan selections he was rejected since he was too weedy, that’s how at 14 he started to play at Internazionale… This is the real name of the team you call Inter!

Are you there? Can you see how huge this stadium is? It was built 100 years ago and sometimes it is also called Scala del Calcio. It seats more than 80.000 people and after being renovated it became the most beautiful stadium – so that the whole world is envious of it!

As for the two Milan super teams, we are obviously talking about FC Inter and AC Milan – always competing for the championship. Here, at San Siro (well… Meazza Stadium!) you will find the Inter and Milan Museum that will tell you the story and the victories of these two football legendary teams through a collection of unique items: old football shirts, cups and trophies, cleats, art objects and memories that became legends of the world football and – most of all – took a place in the fans’ heart for generations. And yours as well!

Come on, get in! During matches you can only visit the museum, when the stadium is empty instead you can also have a tour here accompanied by a specialized guide who will answer all of your questions! Don’t miss it!

You will see this empty and huge stadium, the field on which your idols play, the locker rooms where they get changed as well as the tunnel leading to the pitch: here the members of the football teams – being real athletes and champions – walk side by side and hail, hug and smile each other. Indeed, DISPORT means fun so don’t argue with your friends for a foul at the school’s park, it makes no sense!

You will be thrilled by the stand majesty out of the tunnel! After touching the grass your champions step on and seeing the bleachers, you can relax, sit on the luxury suite and listen to the guide.

Here you will also find a shop selling items related to myths and legends of Milanese football. Do not enter if you are a spendthrift! For all AC Milan supporters – and more – there is Casa Milan where you will be fully immersed in the team history. It is quite far, about half an hour… So think whether it is worth a visit!

If you can’t now, you can come back and visit it unhurried!
(get on the 16 up to Piazzale Segesta and after a 12-minute walk you will reach Piazzale Lotto. Here get on bus 90 at Serra/Traiano stop).
This is a very modern venue, just think it was inaugurated on May 2014!

There is a beautiful museum where AC Milan trophies, pictures and souvenirs are shown: a very fascinating and all red-and-black exhibition. Besides a state-of-the-art, well-designed shop, you will also find a delicious cafeteria for a snack!
Casa Milan bar is also equipped with large screens to look at the matches along with the other supporters… As if you were at the stadium.

We are sorry for FC Inter supporters, but a Casa Inter doesn’t exists yet. However, don’t take offence at it; rivalry is so high that FC Inter will design its own as well in a very short time! From the beginning, they competed even only for the shirts colours! Milan players were the first to choose: red for the devils’ fire and black for the fear they instilled in their rivals!)

Rumour has it that Giorgio Muggiani (painter and advertising graphic designer) realized Inter shirt matching black and blue, since the red-and-black combination was considered too strong and brazen for that time.

So black for the night, blue for the sky and golden finishes for the stars, even though rumour has it that Muggiani had no choice because all the other colours had already been used by the other teams!

By the way, just know that originally it was light blue: it was darkened with the passing of the years; to date some supporters still disapprove this choice, trying to go back to the original colour! (nerazzurri e non neroblu!)… In realtà fu scurito negli anni, ma c’è chi ancora oggi contesta questo blu cercando di convincere tutti a ritornare all’azzurro!!!

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