Now we will accompany you to the Maspes-Vigorelli Velodrome. An essential stop among Milan most important sport facilities through one of the most popular Italian sports: cycling.

Only after getting in you will be able to appreciate all its beauty, so, come on… You won’t be disappointed!
Firstly, you will surely notice that oval slightly sloping cycling track: this is Vigorelli’s magic track, considered as the most important sports facility for track cycling in Italy. It is considered to be magic for its fluidity and potential. It is all wooden-made, however – with the passing of time and after many misadventures – now the wood is spoiled and the track is used as an American football pitch.

Nonetheless, here very important competitions were held: World Championship for 4 times, Giro d’Italia (one of cycling’s Gran Tour races) for 3 times; furthermore a lot of world records were set even though the so called “Six-day Racing” – a very important competition that now is not held anymore – was never hosted here.

How beautiful! Don’t you feel to be in a flying saucer? Well, it should surely undertake some maintenance works, by the way can you feel the speed?

Try to imagine it to be filled with fast bikes, a bulk of wheels and a constant buzzing. Close your eyes, and imagine to be close to a beehive… Buzzzzzz!

However, besides track cycling there are some other kinds of competitions such as Giro d’Italia (sometimes just called Giro) – a bicycle race where both speed and endurance are fundamental. Indeed, cyclists face not only a long course with mountain uphill stretches, but also heavy rain, mugginess, sudden cold and sometimes even snow!

As you may know there is another important Giro, which is Tour de France.

In this regard, we would like to talk to you about an Italian legend who – many years ago – after starting from Cannes 30 minutes later that the other cyclists, pedalled so fast that after crossing the finish line, he went to the hotel to have a shower to then look at his rivals coming. His name was Gino Bartali, a real champion! As such, he had a bitter enemy: Fausto Coppi.

They both were very good at it, yet very different from each other. They compete for many years in different occasions, by the way they respected one another as real champions do. You can easily find a memorable picture showing the riders exchanging a water bottle and you are not sure who in fact is handing off and who is doing the giving. Who matters? This was a great example of sport fairness!

As you may know, there are some other sports – differing from cycling – you can do with two wheels and two pedals. Let’s say that it would be quite difficult to train to be a great cyclist here in Milan, however you can at least become regular bike users!

Even without cycling at 45 km/h – like Fausto Coppi did about 70 years ago – you can cover very long distances in a very short time, quicklier than drive a car… Most of all in a city like Milan!

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