Do you know the words I don’t care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me? Well, we think this is the case!
There are people who talk about this place very well due to its atmosphere, its philosophy, the possibility to sip a good coffee while browsing through a newspaper or a good book, its excellent brunches and club sandwiches offered… Some others criticize it because they think it is quite expensive (obviously not as for coffee!), the staff is a bit careless and not too friendly, but everyone agrees on the food quality!
So the choice is up to you… We think it is a pleasant Cafè, in harmony with the atmosphere of the area… It really seems to be in Paris, and those who know the city well, also know it is not famous for being the city with the most likeable people!


Nord Est Caffè
via Pietro Borsieri 35, Milan
Nord Est Caffè on Google+
telephone: 02.69001910
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8am till 1pm
closed: on Mondays
how to get there:
Tube line M3/M5 Zara
Tube line M5 Isola
Tram line 7, 31, 33
Bus line 60, 164, 166