This is a real artisan ice cream shop… Eco-friendly and sustainable as well, whose aim is to produce healthy and genuine ice cream! Besides ice cream you will find also Sicilian granita (crushed ice drink), milkshakes, fruit with yoghurt, hot chocolate and other delicacies. They are all made with selected and fresh ingredients and everyone, both grown-ups and children, will surely enjoy the ice cream…
At last an ice cream shop that, at the same time, has preserved the taste and flavours of the past and has a cutting edge approach as far as environment protection is concerned. Here nothing is wasted, from water to the ice cream cups, which are recycled after being used. The ingredients directly from farm to workroom… Short distances, not much traffic, little fuel used, little pollution… What more could you want? You can find Le Botteghe di Leonardo in via Borsieri, 11 and in Via Solari, 43….


Le Botteghe di Leonardo
via Pietro Borsieri 11, Milan
telephone: 02.39528617
Always open from April to September from 11am till 01pm
Always open from October to March from 11am till 9pm
how to get there:
Tube line M5 Isola