Luka's Bar

You would probably never go in but since we are suggesting you it, just trust us! This is absolutely worth a try! Its location is not so beautiful, but this is one of those old and simple Milanese small restaurants that used to be… The bar right next to the entrance, small tables and a range of items hanging on the walls… Particular Lombardy traditional dishes framed by a friendly atmosphere!

Made to order dishes and delicious homemade desserts…
Excellent prices: just think that with less than €10 you can get a dish, a coffee and some water (cover charge included)!

We advise you not take your seat in the small dining room, it is quite claustrophobic and you wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy your food!


Luka’s bar
via Cialdini 29, Milan
telephone: 02.6456156
Open from 7am till 8pm
how to get there:
tube line M3 Affori Centro
bus lines 70, 82