Osteria del Biliardo

You surely have never been at Osteria del Biliardo (Billiards Inn)… Probably, it isn’t a place for youngsters but since it has a good name we advise you to have a look… Actually, it is rather an exclusive club where billiards lovers meet up to play… And you? Can you play billiards?

Don’t worry, even if you don’t know how to hold a cue, here you can find many board games suitable for you such as draughts, chess and much more! And if you book in advance, on Sundays, you can have a delicious lunch! The menu is really special: from appetizers to desserts to second courses and sides, the key word is tradition… Furthermore, if you love cheese, this is the place to be. During springtime you can also eat outside! Nothing chic or glamorous, just a place of old times you may find in a little town, but surely not in Milan!


Osteria del Biliardo
via Cialdini 107, Milan
telephone: 02.36756256
Open on Mondays from 2.30pm till 7pm
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 2.30pm till 2am
Open on Saturdays from 9am till midday and from 2.30pm till 2am
Open on Sundays from 9am till midday and from 2.30pm till 7pm
Always open for dinner (Sundays excluded)
booking: Lunch upon booking (small groups preferably!)
how to get there:
tube line M3 Affori Centro
sus line 70 via Astesani-via Zanoli