La Triennale

A huge building with a huge arch, this is Milan Art Palace that has been hosting for a very long time the Triennale, a foundation dealing with culture in general, events, exhibitions and so on… It is now been a few years that some great and interesting workshops for you are organized, so that if you get bored of playing in the park just check if there are some interesting activities for you!

Anyway, you can enter this huge building with its high ceilings for free and ask for the bar – located in the garden. Here, besides having a drink and a snack, you can admire some sculptures and works of art such as the beautiful Bagni Misteriosi by De Chirico… A very colourful sculpture. It is a big and ansate tank (without water) with some objects immersed in… Water is virtually represented on the bottom of the tank… There is a pile cabin, a colourful ball, two bathers – visible from the waist up – a beautiful and colourful swan, a giant fish and obviously a springboard!

Don’t take a dive! Water is just drawn!
Sometimes, looking at these kind of artistic representations you may find yourselves a bit confused: everything appears to be still, timeless, and silent… Petrified forever! Nevertheless, this metaphysical art movement gives the viewer a feeling of something magical and mysterious despite its simplicity. Now, sit down on those beautiful armchairs, they aren’t soft yet seem to be very comfy!


La Triennale di Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, Milan
telephone: 02.724341
From Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am-8.30pm
On Wednesdays 10.30am-11pm
Ticket office closes one hour before the shows start.
Closed on Mondays
how to get there:
tubelines M1(Cairoli and Cadorna) and M2 (Cadorna and Lanza)
tram lines 1-2-4-12-14-19-27
bus lines 43-57-61-70-94