This is a two-piece sculpture created by Claes Oldenburg and his wife… It was inaugurated 14 years ago!
The giant steel needle (almost 20m high) – with its multicoloured thread emerging from the street with its final knot a little further on – was meant to embody Milan industriousness and refers to the fashion world with Milan being at its core. It was also meant to recall a train passing by an underground tunnel, paying homage to the tube and its three-colour lines – red, green and yellow… Who knows! One day maybe we will see a purple thread coming out as well!
If you want to have a quick snack without losing too much time, right outside the station stop at Pattini&Marinoni, a busy bakery’s with a vast range of products, offering a speciality difficult to find: pan do queijo, i.e. some delicious little bread puffs filled with cheese you can eat straight from the bag… What a delight!


Ago, Filo e Nodo
piazzale Cadorna / Stazione Nord, Milan
how to get there:
tram line 1 – 19 – 27
bus line 61 – 43 – 70 – 94
tube line M1/ M2 Cadorna Fs