Here a hill in town! The Parco Monte Stella (Monte Stella Park) is known as Montagnetta of San Siro because its proximity to the stadium… But why is there a mountain in Milan?

Let’s be honest, this quarter has a very particolar name: QT8… but what does this word mean? The initials literally stand for Quartiere Triennale Ottava. In fact, this is a famous architect’s project, Pietro Bottoni, who invented this very special quarter.
Combined with the creation of tall buildings and small houses, he also solved the problem related to the augmentation of ruins.

In fact, because of bombings, all the bricks, tiles and pieces of cement were all carried here. So, with the occurrence of Ottava Triennale of Milan, Pietro Bottoni decided to transform this huge mass of ruins into a fantastic park!

Just think that today, while climbing the hill, you may still see these war ruins!

It’s not so strenuous to get to the top of this hill… so c’mon! If the weather is fine, you’ll get the chance to admire the beauty of this city… it’s stunning, especially during sunsets!
Even if it’s not a very tall hill, the citizens of Milan often skied here and nowadays, when it snows, a lot of young people take their snowboards and come here to jump and have fun!

In other words, it’s a very beloved park by sportsmen, because runners always improve their resistance thanks to these steep hills… try and let us know!
Moreover, inside this park, there’s the Giardino dei Giusti, a garden that remembers all those people who risked their lives to save other people from racial persecutions.

And near Parco Monte Stella, there’s a small green area where it’s honoured 25 brave Italian soldiers who lost their lives during a recent war… a sad story! But you’re not here to become sad, so c’mon… enjoy nature and take a deep breath under the trees of this park, whose name is that of architect Bottoni’s wife… Mrs. Stella!

If you exit the park because you’re hungry, manoxmano suggests you L’Antica Trattoria Lampugnano, Spin Shot and Unico Milano… otherwise, right after viale Alcide De Gasperi, you can reach the Centro Commerciale di Piazza Portello. It’s up to you!


Via Cimabue, Milan

Opening time:
the park is always open

How to get there:
Tube M1 QT8 and Lampugnano
Bus lines 40, 68, 69

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