Guys, here a park where you can relax and lay down on the grass looking at the stars! Yes, you got it… a park where you can not only play football or run breathless, but also lay down looking at the sky!

How many times have you tried to recognize clouds shapes? Just think that here in Parco Forlanini (Forlanini Park) you can freely do it and you may even see (and hear) the sound of airplanes of Linate Airport, which is pretty close to this fantastic park! You can just sit on the grass and guess where they come from and where they’re going… how beautiful dreaming is! And it’s not a case if this park has the name of one of the aviation pioneers, Enrico Forlanini!

This park is very recent, it was born about 40 years ago and your parents surely know it… it’s very big, even though it’s not one of the biggest parks of the city. Paths are full of trees and are mostly paved, so it’s perfect to come here with your bike! But the best thing of this park is that you can take here your pet and let him run breathless! He will be happy, you’ll see… but pay attention not to loose him!

Once you get into the park, you’ll hear the sound of herons. There should be 20 of them in this park, you may see them flying in the sky together with their friends or relaxing near a small canal. But have you ever seen a heron? They’re very particular birds that live near rivers and lakes, where water is not too deep and so it’s easier for them to hunt! In fact, except for Lambro river, there’s in the park a beautiful lake (the Salesina), where you may see many ducks and turtles. On the major path, you’ll see a baby area with lots of games, but we’re sure that you don’t want to spend there your day not to miss all these animals and landscapes… you’ll come back once you get tired to walk!

Here at Parco Forlanini there are many things to see, such as the Codovero mill, the Cascina Cavriano, situated in the northern part of the park or the Cascina Sant’Ambrogio, where there are still the ruins of an ancient church. Buildings inside the park are not always open, but one of them surely is: it hosts the town kennel, where dogs and cats without owner live… Who knows, maybe after this fantastic day, you may decide to come back home with a new friend!

Moreover, inside the park, it’s impossible not to see the beeches wood (also called “the memory wood”): a green space devoted to the memory of a terrible and recent airplane accident, which caused many people’s death… But what reassures you is that there’s a tree for them here in the park! Just think that 118 beeches have been planted here, one for each person who died! And the sculpture in the middle of this little wood has been made in their honor!

This park is ideal for adults and children… In fact, it has both a baby area with lots of games and many attractions for every kind of sport! Many runners come here to train… and remember that there’s also the Centro Sportivo Saini … you can get informed on its website about its activities during the weekend!

manoxmano suggests you some commercial activities in case you got hungry o thirsty: for example, there’s Cascina Salesina and many bars where you can take an ice-cream. During summer, there’s also an outdoor restaurant where you can eat delicious dishes! Otherwise, you can carry your packed breakfast!


Viale Forlanini, viale Corelli – Milan

Opening time:
The park is always open.

How to get there:
Bus line 38,73

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