This is a real Milanese park – “Parco delle Basiliche”!

It is called like this because at its ends there are two of the most beautiful city basilicas: Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore in front of Colonne di San Lorenzo and Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio on the opposite side of Corso di Porta Ticinese, towards the arch…

The only flaw is that it is divided by the ringroad – La Cerchia dei Navigli – where the Naviglio once flowed (if you are interested check On the bus 94 along the Navigli (Canals) that used to be). Unfortunately nowadays it is a big and busy road… So be careful while crossing it! The part of the park towards San Lorenzo, is called Piazza della Vetra… Why?

Once upon a time, besides the Naviglio, there were many other watercourses throughout the park, such as Vetra Canal. It was so famous that the tanners that immersed the skins in this canal were called Vetreschi! And what a smell! With no equal, an unbearable stink… The Vetreschi used to soak the skins not to be exposed to the air and therefore rot. We are not going to tell you anything else, but if you want to know more about this Milan rough district (at least, this is what people thought!), you just have to click on Witches in Milan

Only 80 years ago, people started thinking about an archeological walk linking the two Basilicas, without roads and streets: just nature and greenery playing the lord and the master. Today, wether you access the park from Piazza della Vetra or on the opposite side, close to Sant’Eustorgio, you will feel an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace… (At least until Cerchia dei Navigli!!)… A long time ago, this beautiful core green area was not fenced and even though it was divided by the ringroad, it conveyed the idea of greenery… Alas, things change!

Everything is allowed here: you can play football on the grass and if you prefer volleyball, there is a special court… For the children there are three playground areas, one on the side of Piazza della Vetra and the other two towards Sant’Eustorgio. As you arrive in front of this beautiful Basilica, have a look at that tall statue in the middle of the piazza… nothing strange on the man’s head? He is Pietro Da Verona… Finf out everything about him in Witches in Milan

If you are cycling around the city, instead of goign through corso di Porta Ticinese and bounce up and down on the pavè, just cross the park… Be careful and cycle with caution… There are many small children running around here!!And don’t forget that you can take your dog too!

Also remember that you are in an area filled with restaurants, bars and shops. Although you may find some food booths, in Porta Ticinese, or in Piazza Sant’Eustorgio and in Piazza della Vetra, it will not be difficult for you to find a nice place where you can have a bite, a snack or a delicious icecream! (Grom, Gelateria – Creperia Le Colonne, Cantina Della Vetra, Natural Bakery, California Bakery, Mica-michetteriamilanese, Ristorante Pizzeria Old Wild West)….

Furthermore close by, besides the beautiful 16 Colonne di San Lorenzo, you can’t absolutely miss Parco Archeologico (Archeological Park)… The Opening hours are quite bizzare for such a beautiful place, but if you manage to fit in a visit you will surely have a great time!


via Molino delle Armi, Milan

Opening times:
from October to March 6.30am-10pm
from April to June 6.30am-11pm
from July to September 6.30am-11.30pm

how to get there:
tram line 2-3-14
bus line 94

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