We are in via San Vittore, inside a very ancient monastery in Milan that hosts the best-equipped science and technology museum in Italy.

This place is dedicated to a very important person you probably don’t know yet. Surely though, you parents will immediately understand who we are talking about if you simply mention his very famous painting the “Gioconda” (Mona Lisa) or simply by looking at the reverse side of a 1 euro coin!

We are talking about Leonardo da Vinci, a great artist and inventor who is considered one of the greatest geniuses of all time! He was born in Florence but lived in Milan for a very long time where he was in charge of Milan canals upkeep. (On the bus 94 along the Navigli (canals) that used to be). Leonardo knew everything about architecture, sculpture, music, painting, anatomy and many other subjects.

Most of all, he was a great inventor! Let’s say that this is the reason why the museum is named after him even though there might be another reason as well: a long time ago, Leonardo owned some land here and he had a vineyard that obviously produced excellent wine!

Come on, enter this spectacular place and start wandering through the rooms and halls! We advise you to start from the “galleria Leonardo da Vinci” where many different kinds of machinery are exposed – as well as some of his projects and sketches! There are so many different types of machinery; some designed to be used in the city, some others for war – like the Fast ramming boat. You will also find studies on architecture and his famous studies on flight! A very well-known example of his works is the aerial screw, from where the mechanism then used to build helicopters came from! This is extraordinary, isn’t it?!

This is just a small preview of this Florentine genius creations and inventions! Let your instincts guide you throughout the museum, just wait a minute because we would like to tell you a bit more about all the treasures hidden in this place… Clocks, the first radios and televisions, musical instruments and telescopes (if you are interested in this subject, you must go and visit Brera Astronomical Museum) and then carts, chariots, bikes, motorbikes and cars.

You will then find a section about graphic arts, energy production and metal processing – both precious and non-precious ones. We are sure you will absolutely love the aero-naval pavilion! This is a super modern hangar, with everything you have ever wanted to know about sailing and air navigation!!! You will get to see amazing, huge ships and planes used during the past wars. You will also spot the majestic Enrico Toti Submarine taking its name after a famous First World War hero. Do you know who he was?

He was an extravagant and lively person. He sailed to sea to work and the ship was attacked by pirates, then he decided to work on trains and he lost his leg in an accident! He finally decided to become a professional cyclist! He actually spent three years crossing many European countries by bike! Well, let’s go back to Toti Submarine… If you want to see it from the inside you have to pay a ticket, but if you are really interested you must go in. It is worth the visit!

What else? Oh yes! Trains! As soon as you enter the rail pavilion, you will see that it looks like a train station with its railway tracks, signs and machines and platforms… You will even hear the typical train station noises in the background. Here you will be able to see all types of trains and locomotives of the past!

It’s so beautiful to see the trains your great-great-grandparents used to take! Our tour ends here! If you are intrigued by all Leonardo da Vinci models you have seen and you might want to recreate a few, you should stop at the Must Shop. This is nothing but the museum bookshop where you will find not only various model building kits inspired to Leonardo works but also many books and ideas to see and create!


Via S. Vittore 21, Milan


telephone: 02.48010016

opening time:
Open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 9.30 am to 5 pm
on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am till 6.30pm (You can enter up to 30 minutes before closing time)

closing time:
Closed on Mondays (except holidays), December 24th, 25th and January 1st

how to get there:
tube line M2 Sant’Ambrogio

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