So guys, you know that the best way to learn is to practice what people teach you… so, we suggest you this very fascinating place, which, even if it’s not in centre, deserves your attention.. we’re talking about Hangar Bicocca.

If you visit their website, you’ll find many workshops and activities that are set up for adults and children. So, guys, get informed about them and choose the right day to go to Hangar Bicocca… but, except for this, there’s also manoxmano that wants to explain you in few words this place and the reason of its name!

Bicocca is now a quarter of Milan, but it wasn’t so before…100 years ago, it started to be considered as a quarter of the city… In fact, before, it was an area (such as Affori – see Villa Litta) where “rich gentlemen” went to spend their summer holidays in order to escape from the warmth of the city! About 550 years ago, Arcimboldi family (that has nothing to do with Giuseppe Arcimboldo, that artist that made beautiful paintings of fruit and vegetables – today icon of Expo2015!) built in this quarter its countryside house that was named “Bicocca”, which meant “little castle”…

With the passing of time, this beautiful house changed owner, but it remained famous as “the Arcimboldi’s bicocca”. You can see it between trees and from the gate of Viale Sarca 214!

Just know that when Milan became an industrial city, this area was completely colonized by important industries such as Pirelli, Breda, Falk, etc… and for this reason, many years ago, when big companies started to move from this area, Milan decided to remodernise this quarter, creating houses, services, a huge theatre (called Teatro degli Arcimboldi), a big cinema and a university. Moreover, the city decided to give new life to some green areas (such as collina dei Ciliegi) and old industries, turning them into expositive buildings, such as Hangar Bicocca!

Hangar Bicocca is a space dedicated to the production, exposure and promotion of contemporary art. There are many art exhibitions, some of very important contemporary artists, that can find the best way of expression ever! The particularity of this place, except for its spaces beauty, is that Hangar Bicocca gives you the possibility to join many free initiatives: we suggest you to click on HB Kids that proposes you creative itineraries, workshops, films and activities for children, but its proposals (even for adults) are endless… for example HB Public proposes you many films, guide tours, meetings with artists, bike tour to go find this quarter (but only during spring!); HB School offers you didactic activities for schools and, if you mum is a school representative, she might be interested in proposing it to the school! And don’t forget about HB Lab, a multifunctional area devoted to the free consultation of books, magazines, etc, that concern projects and artists!

Before coming in, just go see the curious installation called ““la Sequenza””, located in a park near Hangar… It’s a work of art of Fausto Melotti, a contemporary artist with a very mathematical and precise mind. In fact, his works seem very severe at a first sight, but then, if you look, you’ll notice that the light that is reflected and that crosses them, makes them a lot nicer! You’ll see that being in front of this huge iron sculpture won’t be enough to see it fully… you’ll need to go through it in order to remember it! But now go in, c’mon! Hangar is waiting for you!

Before getting informed about where your workshop will take place, just look at the permanent installation of Anselm Kiefer… “I Sette Palazzi Celesti” … we don’t want to explain you everything, we prefer that you go there to be surprised by the magnificence of these huge buildings… Just think that their height changes from 14 to 18 meters (6 floors!!!) and, being built in reinforced concrete (that’s how is called cement made with iron), each part weighs 90 tons… and do you know how much a ton is? A ton is equal to 1,000 kg… so each tower weighs 90,000 kg! Damn it… and what’s your weight?

However, whatever activity you chose to do, this will be the best way to get closer to contemporary art while having fun! Moreover, these activities in Hangar Bicocca are all free and they take place during the weekend, both in the morning and in the afternoon! There are also many creative games of Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari, two artists/designers that have always thought that the only way to learn is having fun!

Furthermore, the great news of 2015 is that HB Kids has more and more itineraries and proposals, such as Family Lab, where your parents and relatives will be able to participate with you in visits and activities! So guys, have fun! And you’ll see that consulting their website, making a reservation and going to Hangar Bicocca is very easy!

If you want to eat something before or after going to Hangar, but you don’t know this quarter, don’t worry… because here it’s plenty of different commercial activities! First of all, right here at Hangar, there’s the Dopolavoro Bicocca , a very comfortable place where you and your little brothers and sisters will find whatever you want!

Instead, inside Bicocca Village, you’ll find other bars and restaurants, such as the Broadway Cafè, perfect for pizzas, hamburgers and American desserts… or the Moye, a very nice Puglia restaurant! You may also eat an Italian pizza at Rossopomodoro or cowboy dishes, typical American food, at Old Wild West… it’s up to you! Surely, you won’t starve!


Via Chiese, 2 Milan

telephone: 02.66111573

opening times:
Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
closing times:
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

For reservations:

For events, requests and info:

how to get there:
bus line 51 e 87
metro line M5 Bicocca/Ponale – line M1 Sesto Marelli

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