Have you always thought that to reach a farmstead, you need to go outside Milan? Well, you didn’t know Cascina Cuccagna, a little piece of heaven and calmness in this chaotic city. It’s a 300-year-old farmstead, turned into a very welcoming meeting place where to share many pleasant moments.

It’s a place that gives importance to everyone’s wellness in order to live a better life or, as someone said, “an exemplar company supported and financed by people who really care about the future of their city”. But where is Cascina Cuccagna? It’s located in a very small street, whose name is Via Cuccagna, in the centre of Milan, between via Muratori, viale Umbria and via Friuli, not too far away from Porta Romana! But don’t judge a book by its cover… it’s a little bit crooked, but behind that big door, there’s a hidden city! C’mon, what are you waiting for?

Come in and forget about being in Milan, let the colours carry you together with the fragrances and history of this fascinating farmstead, hidden from people who lives hastily! As soon as you get in, you’ll notice the owners’ kindness, Nicola and Patrizia! You’ll be welcomed by the so called ““Meeting place”, managed by voluntaries that will give you the needed information about the history of Cascina Cuccagna , its events and its renovation. In fact, Cascina Cuccagna (whose ancient name was Cascina Torchio or Preganella)has changed with the passing of time.

Just think that here, many years ago, Fatebenefratelli Fathers cultivated some herbs useful for the Maggiore Hospital (the eldest in Milan that today turned into Università Statale), when medicines still didn’t exist. Nowadays, this farmstead has been perfectly renovated thanks to the quarters inhabitants. Their passion and resolution made this dream become reality: give new life to the old farmstead, its building and history (today a bit ignored)!

In order to understand the will of Cascina Cuccagna guys, you’ll just need to read this thought: “We’ll start from benches, some hot tea and a playing cards bundle. We’ll end with benches, tea, playing cards, USB cables, dressing rooms, strategies, norms, mouths, projects, aerobics, building blocks, pictures, bicycles and itineraries, fresh butter, sage, dishes, ovens, oranges, silences, applauses, mornings and evenings”. In fact, here in Cascina Cuccagna, anything can happen and in order to know all their activities, you can go on their website, even though manoxmano will try to keep you informed.

We suggest you not to miss some very interesting sections that you can find on their website, such as Nutrition and Environment, Territory and Culture and Cohesion and Integration… Furthermore, you don’t have to miss the Repair your Bike section (you’ll get all the info about how and when to learn to repair you bike) or the Work with Wood section… very impressive… you may go to a real joiner’s workshop with your parents to learn how to build you toys by yourselves!

And what about the shopping your mum can do every Tuesday at the Mercato Agricolo? Only products that come from farmsteads near Milan. What better occasion than this to buy food in a more healthy and eco-friendly way? And if it’s time for lunch and you’re hungry, you can’t miss the homemade vegetarian and gluten-free dishes of Un Posto a Milano: a very delicious restaurant where good and healthy food is served at a right cost!

And now stop talking about it and just go to Cascina Cuccagna! You’ll be enthusiastic! There are so many things to do and see that you won’t regret spending there some of your time and in a sunny day, you may also take a break and eat a snack on their benches in the garden! Going to Cascina Cuccagna is like climbing the Cuccagna’s tree… but it’s easier to reach your destination!


via Cuccagna 2/4, ang. via Muratori



telephone: 02.83421007

opening times:
Open everyday from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.

how to get there:
tram line 9, 16
bus line 62, 77, 90/91, 92
tube line M3 stop Lodi

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