Here you are, you can’t be wrong! Even though you can’t read the street number, that huge coloured arch leaves you without any doubt, you are in the right place!

You are in front of a Milan historic building… Inside, many years ago, Motta’s panettoni (spice brioches with raisins) were produced: it was a factory and those who lived close by could smell their perfume! Today, there is an inner garden and the rooms are dedicated to this museum/library/showroom whose theme is the “ninth art” better known as comics… You might be wondering, what about the another 8 ones?

Well, we don’t want to bore you with the story of the arts classification, just know that comics has been the last one to be considered a real art following painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theatre, cinema and television…

Cut the cackle and go in! On the ground floor there is a little bookshop, where you will find books, comics, posters, printings, gifts and fancy goods, gadgets, t-shirts, pictures and much more… You can also enter the library, it is fantastic, an open space where you can read or browse through 9000 of the most famous comics in the world!

You will surely find those suitable for you, your younger siblings and you will surely notice a smile on your parents or grandparents faces after finding their favourite comic they used to read! You can stay here as long as you wish and no one will bother you… You can also enjoy some free exhibitions… Just ask!

For €3/5, on the upper floor, you will always find new and different exhibitions, that’s great. But wait, that’s not all! On the ground floor there is a winding staircase taking you to a terrace, the Dream terrace! It is a very unique place from where you can see the inner courtyard with its skateboard court… How many drawings and colours, the walls are decorated by the best Italian street artists…

But be careful, they are real artists… Not the ones spoiling the buildings walls in your city! If you don’t want to read, stare or daydream anymore or if you want to have a break and enjoy a snack, here you can find a bar! How wonderful… This is the perfect place for everyone!

Furthermore, inside the former Motta Park, within the same building, you can find Boom Milano: you can enjoy your organic happy hour while your children are having fun in the play area. What else?

Otherwise, if you prefer to take a stroll around, we advise you to have a snack in a very special patisserie: Pasticceria Reina, 5 minutes far from here… You will certainly find what you like the most among all the delicious sweets offered… Alternatively, close by, there is an ice cream shop with a strange name: la Ciribiciaccola… Besides an excellent artisan ice cream, you can also find crepes, fancy cakes, slashes, shakes and ice lollies, but most importantly, ask the owners to tell you the origin of the shop name and of the ice cream as well, you will be surprised!


Viale Campania 12, Milan

telephone: 02.49524744 or 02.4524745

for general information:
info bookshop:
info workshop (schools):
info on exhibits:
info on events:

Opening times:
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 3pm till 7pm
Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm till 8pm
Closing times:
Closed on Mondays

How to get there:
tram line 27 porta Vittoria
bus line 73 porta Vittoria
trolleybus line 90-91-93 porta Vittoria

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