Do you want to escape from the chaos of the city? We want to suggest you a beautiful spot, easy to reach and very fascinating to spend a morning out, an afternoon o even only a few hours with many many books!

This is Villa Litta Library, in Affori. We are in one of the historic parts of Milan, it is just like a small village. The truth is that Affori was outside the city… Three hundred years ago this area – being very far from Milan walls – was considered a place where rich people had their country houses… Today everyone goes on holiday, but in the past it wasn’t like this!

Villa Litta is actually one of those country houses, although it may have been not looked after it still is very beautiful, with a wonderful park you can’t miss! Alas, you can’t visit the whole building, but you can access the library floor and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

The Library is open to everyone, from grown-ups to children: the ideal place to go with your siblings… And don’t worry about looking after your little sister, because for every age there is a reserved area with appropriate books and equipment.

You will see, you will feel at home…The rooms are very comfortable, full of books and much more… If you are tired of reading and you want to play chess or draughts, you can; if you are a bit older and you want to surf the net using one of the many computers, you can; and if you want to watch a movie you don’t have at home, you can do this too… And if your sister will not leave you alone, just show her the humungous soft dragon peacefully sleeping with another soft green crocodile, on the large steps of the room – designed for the youngest, with weird animal-shaped tables and chairs! And even lots of beautiful books!

The incredible thing is that, weather and temperatures permitting, you can borrow a book and bring it (or your one) outside, in the garden: lie down and relax on the lawn enjoying the open air along with funny sculptures and old trees… Actually, if it is too warm, you can sit in the shade in the park… Nettle-trees, planes, beeches and maples at your disposal! We recommend you to take care of the books you have borrowed, remember they don’t belong to you, so keep them tidy for those who will borrow them thereafter!

We haven’t finished yet! If you got fed up of reading, you can find – in the park – a playground, a football pitch and two basketball courts to make a couple of shots! What about mum and dad? Grandma and grandpa? Will they get bored? Absolutely not… We forgot to tell you that – in the other wing of the Villa – the Library contains many many books for them too: they can enjoy their reading surrounded by nature!

So beautiful that during a spring day you may want to stay more than a few hours, and why not, you could invite some friends, bring a packed lunch and in between a read, a run and a football match enjoy a wonderful picnic!

Otherwise, if you want to fully enjoy the area and see different corners of beauty in Milan, you can have a bite around here. We suggest you some small restaurants such as La piccola trattoria, Luka’s bar – both excellent – while, if you want to celebrate something you can enjoy the pergola of Ristorante La Contrada – a bit more expensive but noteworthy… And for a simple yet very good pizza, a rustic and lively place, Pizzeria Spaccanapoli.

A place you can’t absolutely miss – even just for a quick look – is l’Osteria del Biliardo, a very fascinating old style tavern (although you will find free Wi-Fi!)… You can have lunch here on Sundays, but only upon booking in advance! You will eat well for cheap here in Affori, where time seems to have stopped!


viale Affori 21, Milan

Opening times:
Open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9.30am till 7.30pm
Open on Wednesdays from 2pm till 7.30pm
Closing times:
Closed on Sundays

How to get there:
train FNM: Milano Affori
bus line 70-40-41-52
tube line M3 Affori FN

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