We want to take you to an enchanted place where time seems to have stopped… And yet we are close to the city… We are talking about Chiaravalle Abbey! Getting there by public transport may be a bit difficult, this is why we suggest you a nice bike ride throughout the countryside… In the southern part of Milan!

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There are no cycle paths but if you are no too tiny, we assure you it is not too difficult to get there. If you keep an eye open while crossings, it is child’s play!

(NB: There is a beautiful cycle path going through Parco Vettabbia, but at the moment, and apparently till Expo start, there is a big construction site at the end of the park preventing the entrance to Via Sant’Arialdo, where the Abbey is).

3km far from Piazzale Corvetto, it will take no more than half an hour – coffee break included! Ride your bike in Piazzale Corvetto after cycling throughout the city (here you have to be careful!) or bringing your bike on the tube with you and get off at MM3 Corvetto stop… Did you know you can bring your bike on the tube (Bikes on Tube)?

For the first bit of Viale Martini you can ride on the pedestrian area, then, cross Piazzale Gabrio Rosa and continue straight ahead. Start warming your engine and moving your legs and go to the cycling path. You will be in Viale Omero and once you at the roundabout go to Via San Dionigi and then straight ahead always checking your map!

Don’t pay attention to the factories on your left, because you will find yourselves to be in the countryside and keep going along your right hand side in Indian file you will shortly reach a fork… In front of you only trees! Turn right, you are in Via Sant’Arialdo, you have arrived… A few more meters and on your left you will see the amazing Chiaravalle Abbey!

Make the last effort and look, just before the Abbey, on your left you will see a faded writing…“Al Laghett” (click here); this is a very welcoming and peculiar trattoria, entirely covered by a wisteria bower… Obviously during springs and summers you can eat in the exquisite outside courtyard: although it might not be the cheapest restaurant in Milan, if it is lunchtime, you will surely want to enjoy an hour or two of deserved relax! The Abbey – hub of Chiaravalle small village – is liven up by monks carrying out many activities! There is still an old windmill!

Before going in we want to tell you a very nice story… Actually, rather than a story a nursery rhyme/legend explaining why the tower Ciribiciaccola is called like this! It is the Abbey bell tower with a very, very ancient bell – that is still rung for special events – inside… But what Ciribiciaccola is? It is said that long time ago, a stork nested high up the tower and after giving birth to some little storks, she used to chat all day long with them so that the monks grew fond of that endless call sounding like “ciri…ciri…”. That’s why they named the tower Ciribiciaccola!

Now cut the cackle and enter this beautiful Abbey! If you visit it on Sundays, at 4pm the guided tour is free of charge! So take advantage of the occasion! If you don’t want to eat at Al Laghett, beyond the gate, you will find a nice little bar where you can sit down for a drink after your cycle, the Bar dell’Abbazia! If you are not tired yet and you don’t want to get back on your bikes, right ahead there is Parco Vettabbia, a great park where you can run and play.

We want to remind you that Chiaravalle has its own website (www.chiaravallesostenibile.it) where you can find all pleasant and enjoyable activities carried out… Just have a look and end your outing with a bang!
When it will be time to go back home, simply go backwards and once you get to Corvetto take the tube!
Did you see how to spend a great afternoon surrounded by green and nature without taking the car? Do it more often!!


Opening times:
From Tuesday to Saturday from 9am till 12am and from 2.30pm till 5.30pm.
Open on Sundays from 2.30pm till 5.30pm.
On Sundays, at 4pm, you can also have a free guided tour; guided tours during weekdays must be booked in advance.

Telephone: 02 57403404

email: s.m.chiaravalle@libero.it

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