Teatro alla Scala

You are in front of one of the most famous theatres in the world. It was built for an Austrian Queen about 250 years ago and it is named after the church that was demolished to make room for the theatre, the church of Santa Maria alla Scala. Just stand in the middle of the square to better admire its shape and stick your nose to the windows below the porch to carefully watch the foyer… How splendid!

Try and go in, maybe if you are lucky it is open… Indeed, unluckily you can’t just go in whenever you want, but if you are really interested in it, there is a way!
Inside there is a museum of the theatre history where precious jewels, costumes, musical instruments and even a wisp of Mozart’s hair are showcased… After visiting the museum you will have the chance to look at the theatre to see the Royal box, and who knows, you might spot Maria Callas’ ghost (a very popular singer) moving through the golden boxes and balconies, furious and offended for being booed at one of her performances for missing a note!

You can visit it only if you book a guide, which is quite expensive (about €90!). It would be better to split the costs with a group of friends or, after checking the website, join a group that has already booked a guided visit! Pay attention! You can visit it only on Saturdays, because on Sundays all artists, singers, dancers and musicians get some practice and you mustn’t disturb them!

If you want to have a short break, be careful because you are in one of the most expensive areas of the city… You are in Milan city centre, the most tourist and expensive zone… So take our advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises, both in terms of spending and quality!
If it is lunch time or time for a snack, and you don’t want to waste time, you should stop and have a panzerotto at
Luini in via Santa Redegonda. You can stop in Via san Paolo, 15 where you will find the Antica Focacceria San Francesco: high-quality Sicilian delicacies, perfect for a quick and tasty lunch.

Then go to Via Cappellari, 3. Whilst having a stroll take a look at Humana Vintage, a shop selling second-hand clothes of the 60s, 70s, 80s. The earnings will be allocated to poor countries in the southern part of the world!


Teatro alla Scala
piazza della Scala /via Filodrammatici 2, Milan
telephone: 02 88791
how to get there:
tube lines M1/M3 Duomo
bus line 61
tram lines 1, 2