A magnificent and triumphal arch closes the perspective of the Parco Sempione framing the Castle tower 1km far! However, to see it you must step 100 metres away towards Corso Sempione, turn away (unless you have been walking backwards!) and look right in front of you… Arco della Pace is all made up of marble and on the top – at a height of 25 metres – you can see 10 horses… It took 7 years to make them: four are on the sides of the arch (two per side) and the other six are pulling “Peace” (a female figure) that triumphant, enters the city!
It is said that originally the horses were created to be turned and placed to one side, but the Austrians (dominating the city two hundred years ago), in order to humiliate the French, decided to rotate them 180 degrees, as you see them today… It took 300 workers with strong ropes to pull the horses up and place them there, we just hope that the decision to rotate the horses wasn’t taken whilst the workers were lifting them!
Now you can have fun going in and out of the arches, and since the arches are connected by two passageways, you can enter from one arch and exit from the other… And why not, play hide and seek!
Now that your trip has ended you can decide to have a walk towards Corso Sempione and decide to stop and have a refreshing drink at one of the many bars that you will find, or if it is lunchtime, you may want to head on, on the left hand side in Via Cagnola and stop at n. 1 of Via Cirillo at Nuvò Pizza Place where children and kids are welcome!


Arco della Pace
piazza Sempione, Milan
how to get there:
bus line 61 Pagano or line 43 Canonica
tram line 1 / 19