This is one of the biggest Milan parks and its name comes from a big river crossing it, the Lambro river! It is a very famous park, although in the past it experienced many ups and downs being considered as a dirty and dangerous place!

The elderly say that once ago you could even bath because the water was crystal clear… Today, we strongly advise you not to do it, although, compared to 20 years ago, the area has been cleaned up from both rubbish and nasty people lurking around!
The park was established about 70 years ago to be the main green lung of the city. Due to water streams crossing the park, irrigation was assured and therefore self-sown vegetation flourished!

Once upon a time there even were long paths and ponds but they were destroyed by the second world war bombings… During that period many plants and trees were cut down to provide wood and heating for the inhabitants trying to recover from the bombing… Thus – 50 years ago – people made the park flourish again by planting new trees and trying to re-create its original appearance… The river deviations and the irrigation ditches are the evidence of the farming that used to… Imagine, there were some windmills too! Besides them, many farmsteads that have now been abandoned (except for one)!

The only one that is still working is Cascina di San Gregorio Vecchio, it is surely worth a visit, alas, you have to go outside the park and take a completely different road… You know, nearby there is the ring road and you can’t cross it!!!

The others ones are: Cascina Mulino Torrette (you can see the well-kept vanes of the windmill, now the headquarters of an association of persons with disabilities), Cascina Cassinetta San Gregorio (In the same road, it has been all-restored), Cascina Biblioteca (a place to shelter the unluckiest, it is worth a visit because here you can also organize a parties, see some animals and ride a horse) and Cascina Mulino San Gregorio (headquarters of the Voluntary Ecological Guards). In a few words, the park has been set in order, and even though you can’t bath in the river, it has now become a safe place to spend the afternoon or maybe a whole day…

The Voluntary Ecological Guards have recently created an educational botanical path with explanatory signs that – since you can read – you will easily understand! There are two playgrounds, a rugby field, football pitches and a very American skateboard park, you will surely manage to admire some of the most beautiful tricks!

You can ride your bike, run around and take your dog to the dog areas, or walk it on the leash so that it can’t run away. In the park you will find a very peculiar food booth, the Macadàmia, a tropical place right on the left side of the river, while just outside the park you can stop at La Schiscetta. Alternatively, as always, your packed lunch may be perfect for the occasion!


Entrance Via Passo Rolle
Entrance Via Crescenzago
Entrance Via Pusiano
Entrance Via Orbetello
Entrance Via Feltre
Entrance Via Turchia
Entrance Via Folli
Entrance Via Casoria

Opening times:
Since the park is not fenced, it is always open.

how to get there:
tube line M2 Udine
bus line 75 e 925

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