You have arrived at the smallest park in Milan. You might be wondering “this looks like a garden, not a park!”… It is true, but there is an historical reason: almost 250 years ago, the very rich Perego family lived in a sumptuous palace in Via Borgonuovo and had a huge garden – nearly a park – designed!

Yet, with the passing of time many things changed, most of all mobility and therefore a great part of the park was dismantled… Although the park is smaller than before, the garden is extremely fascinating both for its location and its variety of flowers and plants.

You can jog or cycle around a 200metre ring, but pay attention! For your little siblings there are some beautiful wooden games… A swing, two snails, a small car and a fantastic spider web to climb! There is just one statue observing you: Vertunno, the God of gardens and fruits – the only statue still present today among all the others originally standing here!

If you want to take a stroll, we advise you to go to Brera district, one of the most peculiar areas in Milan. After leaving the park, turn left and left again, towards via dell’Annunciata… Just walk for 5 minutes and you will reach via Fiori Oscuri…… Look around because this is an historical area where you can notice some old shop signs… “Wines and liquors” on the signs while actually clothes are sold.

If you left the botanical garden in via Fiori Oscuri and you go right towards via Brera, for example, try to stick your face to the window of Antica Farmacia di Brera (Brera Ancient Chemist’s)… Look, it’s more than 100 years old, with its wooden counters and showcases… A notice outside says that this chemist’s belonged to Carlo Erba, famous pharmacist that founded the first Italian drug industry. It is open on weekdays and Saturday mornings only!

If it is lunch time and you are right here, in via Borgo Nuovo, 26, we suggest you Borgonuovo 26, a bar where you can have a sandwich or a salad with an excellent price/quality ratio!

However, if you don’t want to go to Via Borgonuovo rather on the other side of the street, at Arcadia Cafè in via Fatebenefratelli you will find an excellent alternative. Going back to the crossroad – towards via Brera – you can see an ancient paint factory, Ditta Crespi, with its old golden sign! Close by there is a very famous bar, Jamaica Bar: a meeting place for writers, painters and people from the show business… Take a look if your parents decide to stop by and have a coffee!

We inform you that you are right next to the Accademia di Brera if you were interested in going in just even to have a look at the courtyard… It is a wonderful building! If you head straight from via Fiori Oscuri, and cross (don’t worry, there will be no cars) via Brera, head on to via Fiori Chiari.

This is a peculiar area that has now become quite touristic… Small restaurants, with tables outside in the summer- and wintertime, food pictures and menus translated in different languages… It is better to not stop here to eat, you may have some unpleasant surprises as for the prices! On your left go to via Madonnina, a beautiful street taking you to Piazza del Carmine right in front of this beautiful church having the same name… Do you know that here you can express a wish to Sant’Espedito? It is said he really cares about schoolboys and students wishes… So if you are worried for a test, an interrogation or for your report cards… Well, go in and express your wish!


via dei Giardini, Milan

Opening times:
Open in January/February/November/December from 7am till 7pm
Open in March from 7am till 8pm
Open in April from 7am till 9pm
Open in May/June/July/August/September from 7am till 10pm

how to get there:
tubeline M3 Turati-Montenapoleone
tram line 1
bus line 61 – 94

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