This is one of the most ancient gardens in Milan – it is more than 500 years old! It isn’t very big yet hides thousands of treasures!

A fascinating green corner, in all its details: the fence and the three entrances, the paved pathways, the ancient trees, the grassland and the beautiful water basin! A place you must visit that offers – even though not so big – amusements both for children and grown-ups.

The big baroque basin (the Baroque style is identifiable for its curved, soft and winding lines…) is surely the main attraction both for children and adults… It has four entrances and a pathway that allows people to get closer to the water to admire big fishes and – if you look carefully – some turtles too! The water isn’t always clear – but if you are lucky enough – you can see the trees nuances mirrored in the water… Once upon a time, this tank was used to breed fishes to provide citizens with food supplies in lean times… Now it has remained beautifully intact and it is one of the most beautiful monuments in Milan.

But that is not all: in the two garden corners – towards the Cerchia dei Navigli – two small temples hidden by some branches make you understand how ancient this place is!

You must know that Guastalla gardens (as they are called by this district inhabitants) have not always been public, indeed they once were the gardens of a college! Paola Ludovica Torelli – countess of Guastalla – after being left a widow at a very young age, decided to shelter all those widows or unmarried women that otherwise would have been destined to live in seclusion in a convent. That’s how these gardens – and that yellow windowed building – were established.

Besides being so beautiful, this garden holds many different places in one: a neat children playground running along Via Guastalla, a shady area to walk or cycle – towards both the former college and Via San Barnaba – and the wide core lawn dotted with shady areas where you can run at breakneck speed…

The perfect place to set your imagination free and start dreaming about being a princess while walking on the edge of the water tank or pretending to hunt fierce animals underneath the trees in front of the college! Leave your scooters, balls and other games at home… The only thing you need here is your fantasy!
But if you love basketball and by chance you have your ball, nearby – in Via San Barnaba – you will find some more green areas and three very well kept courts. Thus, while you are having some fun, your parents -sitting on the terraces – can admire the fantastic view! What can you see? Exactly! There, right among treetops you can spot the triumphant Madonnina (the Virgin Mary on the top of the Duomo)!

If you have just arrived at lunchtime you have two options: take your schiscetta (packed lunch) and eat beneath the shadows of a big tree or go and have a bite somewhere nearby.

We suggest you That’s Vapore, Original Pizza Ok, Ristorante Pizza Pazza. In the meanwhile – maybe when your parents are drinking their coffee – have a look around because once upon a time witches lived here! (Witches in Milan). If you prefer a snack, we suggest you stop at Rossi & Rossi or at Panarello for a cream puff! Just remember that if you are tired of playing yet you still want to take a stroll around, you are very close to Università Statale, a spectacular place… In and out!


via Francesco Sforza, Milan
via San Barnaba, Milan
via Guastalla, Milan

Opening times:
Open in January and February from 7am till 7pm
Open in March from 7am till 8pm
Open in April from 7am till 9pm
Open from May to September from 7am till 10pm
Open in October from 7am till 9pm
Open in November and December from 7am till 7pm

How to get there:
tube line M3 Crocetta
bus line 77 – 94

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