What about a unique and new experience? You will discover how many sensations a blind person can feel and you will understand that you can see even more with the other senses! First of all, do you know which the 5 senses are? Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch…

Sight allows us to see the surroundings, hearing to listen to the sounds, smell to perceive odours, taste to detect flavours and touch to feel the objects through our skin… Every animal has these 5 senses – more or less developed according to its survival needs… When a human being loses one of his five senses, tends to sharpen all the others… Just like a team, a group of good friends, they help each other out… And with this experience you will understand it!

We don’t want you to feel blind rather make you understand how all the other senses are important to know and feel the world surrounding us. Most of the times, thanks to sight, we take for granted a lot of information without letting all the emotions and sensations pervade us…

This guided tour will take you to an unknown world… You will be given a walking stick to better recognize the obstacles on your path, you will be accompanied only by the voices of people walking next to you… But don’t be afraid… An expert guide will follow you and explain you everything step by step as darkness will overwhelm… At this moment the other four senses will come into play, as if you discover them after a long deep sleep…

You will be surely surprised! The tour is made up of 5 different rooms that represent 5 everyday life settings: the garden, the house, the sea, the city and the bar… At the very beginning you will be afraid even just of walking, terrified of putting a foot in the wrong place, but little by little, thanks to the guide’s voice and after talking with the people next to you, everything will be more natural…

At the end of this experience you will learn a life-changing lesson: dialogue, speech and sharing are more important than you think just because you see… So, treasure what you have learnt and never forget it!

You are in a core area of your city and therefore very expensive, be careful! If you want to eat something before going in or once finished this great experience, we suggest you to take a stroll in these very calm streets – especially during the weekends.

Either for lunch or a quick bite, at the corner of Via Conservatorio and Corso Monforte you will find Caveja Piadinerie, a small place, very clean and cheap take-away, or Latteria Carlon just beyond Via Salvini arch, where you will be able to eat a traditional Milanese dish in an ancient ambiance preserving its authentic atmosphere.

If is it a pleasant spring day and you want to have a snack while sitting on the park, in Via Salvini 3, you can taste the artisan products of an excellent bakery/patisserie owned by A. Giordano, while, if you want to have a packed lunch but you haven’t brought your sandwiches, you can find Zoppi&Gallotti delicatessen shop: quite pricy as for delicatessen, yet perfect for a cheap and high-quality ham sandwich!

While taking a stroll around after your lunch or snack, don’t forget to have a look – in via dei Cappuccini 3 – between the railings… You will feel to be in a small Caribbean island, indeed – among the lush foliage – you can spot a beautiful pink flamingos colony that, with the passing of time, have adapted to Milan climate: they safely breed and they are not afraid of humans anymore because they are used to be spied on by passers-by for many many years!

200 meters far from here, in via Serbelloni 10, you can see a strange and huge marble ear that – hear ye – was used almost 100 years ago as a doorbell thanks to the propagation of sound… Alas, to date this sculpture is the only hint survived!


Via Vivaio 7, at Milan Institute of Blind people



telephone: 02.77226215 – fax 02.77226339

Opening times:
Open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.45am till 4pm
Open on Thursdays and Fridays from 9.45am till 4pm and from 6.30pm till 8.30 pm
Open on Sundays from 10am till 4pm
Closing times:
Closed on Mondays

Itinerary length : 1 hour and 15 minutes
Time refers to first and last tour

How to get there:
tram line 29 – 30 – 23 – 9
bus line 54 – 61 – 94
tube line M1 San Babila/ Palestro

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