That is quite strange, isn’t it? manoxmano is talking about an art studio-museum but you are in front of a Church! How is this possible? Right here, inside this deconsecrated building you will find the art studio-museum of one of the most important Italian sculptors of the past century… Don’t worry, the address is correct!

This plain yet beautiful church (Chiesa di San Sisto al Carrobbio) was donated to Francesco Messina by the municipality of Milan in 1974, more or less when your parents were your age… Today it contains more than 100 works of extraordinary beauty!

Who was Francesco Messina? He was born in Sicily but spent most of his life in Milan, he was a professor at the Accademia delle Belle Arti (Art School) in Brera! On the TV you can easily see the beautiful bronze horse, located in front of the RAI seat in Rome… Pay attention to it!

Now go in, come on… You can’t imagine how beautiful and magical the atmosphere is: it will bewitch you! Huge windows let sunlight enter the room thus giving life to all the works of art inside… If you are here in a sunny day just pop around… Everything seems to shine on its own! You will then realize that this is not the same old museum full of notices such as “don’t touch”, “you can’t take pictures”. Here you can look and caress the pieces of work, even smell their perfume… As if they were alive! Here you can find sculptures, paintings, watercolours and sketches… Who did Francesco Messina typically represent in his works? Children, dancers, boxers, bulls and especially horses and some mythological figures as well… For example David… Do you know who David is?

The Bible says that during a very long war – more than 3000 years ago – a young shepherd named David joined the army ranks ready to get rid of the enemy: the terrific giant Goliath… David – used to protect his flock from big bears, wolves and fierce animals – put the giant to rout shooting a single rock right at his forehead with his sling – with neither helmet nor shield! Once the giant fell to the ground David went close to him, unsheathed his sword, run through him and cut his head off!!!

Where were we? Well, if you go to the lower floor you can admire some other works of art… Sculptures and much more! Stop right in front of the ones you like the most, the ones that rouse your imagination, and if you have a note and you like to draw, this is the ideal place to take your time and reproduce them not to forget! Francesco Messina last whish was to allow young sculptors to develop their skills and become great artists… This is how Premio Messina (Messina Award) was established: a very important acknowledgement given to young artists every two years – everyone, up to 40, can apply for it! If it is your secret dream, you have time enough to come back here and draw your inspiration… Surely, after visiting the studio with all its bronze pieces, big and small statues, watercolours and paintings, you will feel peaceful and relaxed!

Remember that every museum is magical and this one is even more magical than the others… Francesco Messina managed to reproduce thought, dream, fantasy, will and intuition into a real harmony of shapes in perpetual motion! It is said that his works are nothing but his dreams: he managed to turn them into something real for himself and for all of those who come to see them! For sure, this project inside of San Sisto church is part of one of his dreams!

Maybe, after this visit you will be persuaded by the fact that if you do everything with passion, firm belief and determination, impossible is nothing… You must be brave and creative like Francesco Messina was, but most importantly be self-confident like David – who managed to defeat the giant Goliath – was!!!

Remember that in this art studio-museum, you will find some very particular art installations that may leave less space for the artist’s works, but they surely are up to this place magic and beauty. Once you leave this place, your mind and spirit will be satisfied… But what about your grumbling tummy? Don’t worry! You are in the perfect place and you will not hunger or thirst! Via Torino and all the other small streets close by are teeming with places where you can stop for a refreshing break!

From the sweet Cioccolati Italiani to the super savoury Amsterdam Chips , from Ostello Bello to Panino Giusto, from the genuine Fratelli La Bufala to the bright Foresta WoodBar and Titto. You will be spoilt for choice… Choose the right place according to your hunger… And how much you should walk to it! Always bear in mind that, to obtain what you have at your heart and make your wish come true, you should not only focus on your goal, but also have a great courage and will!


Via San Sisto 4, Milan

telephone: 02.86453005

Opening times:
from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am till 6pm
on Fridays from 9am till 10.30pm
Closing times:
Closed on Mondays

Price: Free entry!

How to get there:
tram line 2, 3, 14

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