Right inside Parco Sempione, between the Arena Civica and the Castello Sforzesco, you will find the Aquarium… It is not very big – and can’t surely be compared to the one in Genoa that you may have already seen – but it still is a well-equipped aquarium located in a very beautiful, fascinating and historic building!

It is the third oldest aquarium in Europe! If you are near the park just pop around, entrance is free… You may discover something new about sea, river and lake world… Everything about underwater world!

Before starting wondering about it, we want you to know that in the basement you can find a small bar and a book-shop, while on the top floor there is a very nice terrace with a pretty view and a specialized library where you can study in depth what you saw during your visit!

Come on, don’t waste your time anymore and start your tour, the air in your lungs may not last this long underwater! Mind you, if you came to the park with your dog, unfortunately you can’t bring it inside, and if you may want to take some photos you can, but without using a flash! Do you remember how Nemo dad got scared by the flash used by scuba divers?

There are about 40 tanks to see with around 100 fish and amphibians specimens. The course has been designed so that you can recognize both species and their habitat… From the mountain stream to the sea, everything is easy to understand!

From the mountains to the sea, through lakes and rivers, swamps and lagoons, rocky and sandy seabed, barrier reef, seahorses, jelly fishes and octopuses… Sunken wrecks inhabited by myriads of creatures… Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise, so just take a visit… Or better still, take a dive!

After visiting the Aquarium, look around! If it is time for lunch or for a refreshing snack – without leaving the gardens – you will be able to satisfy any wish… A slice of pizza, a sandwich, an ice cream, a fresh drink… The decision it’s up to you! Besides 6 food booths located in the park you can even go to Bar Bianco and Bar della Triennale where you will find what you are looking for! If you are only thirst… Well, remember that water is the most refreshing drink and here you can find at least four drinking fountains!


c/o Parco Sempione


telephone: 02.88445392

Opening times:
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am till 1pm and from 2pm till 5.30pm

How to get there:
tram line 3-4-7-12-14
bus line 45-57-61
tube line M2 Lanza

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