Giuliano, the old ( vecio in Milanese) inn owner, has been here for many years and despite he has kept the sign, he actually offers Milanese and Lombard dishes such as cold cuts and – for the most greedy – selections of cheese, his real passion! He is an unusual person, he may seem a grump but he is friendly, he is a one of a kind Milanese…
The inn shutters are always pulled up but it doesn’t mean you can go eating there whenever you like… If you want to have lunch, please call Giuliano by 11am so that he can get himself organized!


Vecjo friul
via Rosmini 5, Milan
telephone: 02.33601498
opening time:
Open 7 days a week at dinner from 7pm till 2pm (booking for lunch)
how to get there:
tram line 12-14 Bramante – Giannone
metro line M2 Moscova