A lovely and charming environment in this new tavern that still keeps tables and chairs of the inns that used to be… Colourful, but not too much, pictures and printings hanging on the walls, books to browse through, informal but classy table setting. Besides a selection of cheese and cold cuts boards you can taste new flavours that you can’t miss, with a great price/quality ratio!
During the warmer season you can enjoy the outside courtyard, a pleasant garden where you can eat and relax. It is a pity the owners have decided not to open at lunchtime during the weekends. Therefore we can only suggest you to go for a stroll there in the afternoon and stop for dinner… Remember to book a table!


Osteria al 9
via Thaon di Revel 9, Milan
telephone: 02.66825162
opening time:
Open from Monday to Friday from 12am till 3pm and from 8pm till 11pm
Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8pm till 11pm
how to get there:
metro line MM3 Zara
Tram line 2,4, 7, 31