Out of Officine Mermaid Store- on the corner – you will get the chance to see beautiful motorbikes parked on the sidewalk, they are distinctive, unique… Unique is the right word because here your motorbike will be decorated and customized as you wish, following a common train of thought that connects all the bikers that you surely have seen on the road… Always travelling in large groups and rarely ever alone, they ride those strange motorbikes with a high handlebar and their legs straight in front of them… You will be able to see 60 year old bikes, unique specimens, something that a bike lover can’t miss!
Just a bit down the road, in Thaon de Revel as well, a biker clothing shop, perfect for bike lovers but not so cheap… Do you know why here motorbike is such a very real theme? Cirillo Pagani known as Nello lived here – in the Isola area. He was the first Italian biker to win a world championship… We are talking about a long time ago… He was a real champion: he rode bikes, drove F1 cars and although he was very fast he rarely had incidents throughout his career because he drove responsibly, intelligently and carefully… A great champion!


Officine Mermaid Store
via Thaon di Revel 4, Milan
Clothing: stefania@officinemermaid.com
Motorcycles: dario@officinemermaid.com
Clubhouse: clubhouse@officinemermaid.com
telephone: 02.36798170
Open on Mondays from 2.30pm till 7pm
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am till 7pm
Open on Saturdays from 10am till 1pm and from 2.30pm till 7pm
how to get there:
tube line M3 Zara/M5 Isola
Tram line 7, 31
Bus line 60