Mom's the Family Bar

A nursery? A bar for children? A baby parking? No, the Family Bar is a place that may be defined a bar, a cafeteria and even an open space where children and grown-ups can play together. What makes this place special? It is like entering a fantastic and colourful world to play games or relax. There are rooms with big cushions where mums can breastfeed! There also is an area with baby-changing units, nappies, cleaning wipes, soothing paste, small stools and toilet seat adapters.

Babies can crawl around as much as they like in the baby friendly areas and start getting to know other toddlers too! If children are hungry or want to take a grab with their friends, the bar offers soft drinks, appetizers, ad hoc biscuits, homogenized fruits, vegetables and meat and gluten-free foods.

An excellent way for a family to spend the day out and all together – maybe with some friends too! This is a perfect mix between relax, fun and having a chat with relatives or friends while having a look at the children. 140 sq m of freedom for children and grown-ups. Dads and grandparents are welcome too! Here you will feel at home. So why don’t you pop around?


Mom’s the Family Bar
Via Antonio Fogazzaro 11, Milan
telephone: 02.5512799
Open every day from 9am till 6.30pm
how to get there:
tram line 9
tube line M3 Porta Romana