A family that works together in this restaurant since the 90s, Luca as a waiter, whilst mum and aunt run this bar/restaurant that is really appreciated by the neighbourhood… The square where the restaurant is located is never too crowded and there’s a lot of greenery, on sunny days Luca sets the tables outside.
The family runs the restaurant and its menu is authentic with a great price/quality ratio! With €10 you will have first course, main course with a side, water and coffee… The menu changes daily as if you were at home and Luca keeps his copy safe into his pocket… If you are walking around the neighbourhood don’t forget to stop by maybe just to have a drink. If you would like to lunch don’t even bother calling to reserve a table because the phone number they have is unavailable… just stop by and wait for your turn!


La Cantinetta
piazza Archinto, Milan
opening time:
Open from Mondays to Saturdays from 7.30am till 8.30pm
closing time:
Closed on Sundays
how to get there:
tube line M5 Isola