It is unacceptable not to go into this ethnic supermarket… It is amazing! Here you can find everything you have never seen or tried, and what a choice!
You will be surprised by the vast range of produce and their origin ( China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, India)… The whole East at fingertips!
From unusual food – fresh and canned – to drinks and deep-frozen food… Not to mention table- and kitchenware if you’d like to have an Oriental-style dinner: bowls, chopsticks and small glasses… If you love the eastern countries, you can’t resist it!


Kathay foods
via Rosmini 11, Milan
telephone: 02.33105368
opening time:
Open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30am till 7.30pm
how to get there:
tram line 2-4-7 Baiamonti or 12-14 Bramante – Sarpi
bus line 70-94 baiamonti
metro line M2 Moscova