If you have booked a visit at the museum because you are passionate about these type of things, you must know that the original foundry was bigger than now! The small museum and rooms that have been preserved as they used to be, will help you understand what happened in a foundry, during Napoleon time! In a foundry, metal is melted in very hot ovens and when the metal is liquid it is cast in different moulds… When it cools down, it becomes indestructible again, taking the shape of the mould!
During the visit you will be able to see the spaces, the historical photographs and the work tools used… Here bells were built…. Like the ones churches have, the ones that ring at the top of a bell tower and more besides… In this foundry, the victory chariot – placed on Arco della Pace -, the statue of Vittorio Emanuele riding his horse in piazza Duomo and the statue of Alessandro Manzoni in piazza San Fedele, were manufactured.


Fonderie Napoleoniche
via Thaon di Revel 21, Milan
telephone: 393 0552272
opening time:
Visits only upon booking writing an email
how to get there:
tube line M5/M3 Zara
Tram line 2, 4, 7, 31
Bus line 52, 70, 82, 90/91, 92