Ezio Barbieri 1946

A long time ago Isola, as we all know, besides being isolated from the rest of the city – due to the railway crossing it – was inhabited by very poor people, the working class. When the situation got worse, after the Second World War delinquency started spreading throughout the neighbourhood… In the bars of the area there were strange people with strange names as well, such as, il Generale (the General), il Pascià (the Pasha), il Profeta (the Prophet)… No one called them criminals but outlaws…
Ezio Barbieri and Sandro Bezzi, both involved with the Ligera (this is how Milan’s organized crime was called at the time), were two protagonists of Milan‘s criminal scene, some 70 years ago! It seems that it was quite normal that criminals went out their area to organize raids and robberies and to then come back to the neighbourhood and split up their treasures with the needy… A sort of a modern Robin Hood, probably more armed and a little less gentlemen… Well, Isola was considered the underworld place!
Those were the days when Ezio Barbieris – riding his black Aprilia with a 777 number plate, just as the police cars had – terrorized the neighbourhood… The gentleman thief who stole from the rich to give to the poor! His gang was known as La Banda della Aprilia Nera (The Gang of the Black Aprilia) and aboard this car, he organized robberies and fake roadblocks, stealing from citizens and robbing banks. Ezio Barbieri lived in via Borsieri 14, in a building that had two entrances. He commonly went in from a side and went out from the other to give the slip to the police. People applauded him like a hero because they didn’t think about him as a robber but ad as a “bandit” giving money to the poor… Ezio Barbieri was arrested and escaped many times until he was definitely imprisoned, after 30 years he was released , and that was 40 years ago… Now he lives in Sicily, back to another island!