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Maggia Parking: the perfect service for travelers!

Every time you book your holiday or your adventure, it’s normal to feel relief and happy. But, after a while, that idyllic moment is followed by worries and doubts such as: “where will I leave my pet?”, “and what about my car? Will be there a parking?”, and again “how will I go downtown from the destination airport?”

Don’t worry: Maggia Parking will solve you all these problems! But, what is Maggia Parking? Well, it’s an innovative project located near Milan Malpensa airport. The services that it offers you are many and, above all, efficient. First of all, there’s Maggia Pets, a service that will solve one of the main problems related to your departure: your pet. In fact, it’s a custody service located two minutes away from the airport. Surrounded by nature, Maggia Pets will cuddle and take care of your beloved pets: they will have a customized diet and a trial period of one weekend. Moreover, if you miss them and you would like to know if they’re having fun, it’s possible to receive Whatsapp messages or e-mails with pictures and video of your dog/cat!

Another useful service, perfect for travelers, is Rental Car that allows you to book and rent a car in your destination! Furthermore, Maggia Parking proposes you another service concerning cars: Maggia Wash. They will handwash the entire car (even if it has leather seats). The result? An accurately cleaned and shining car waiting for you!

Maggia Parking offers you also a service named Car Valet: they will pick your car up and give it back to you directly at the airport. And, during the period of Expo, they have created a service made for tourists: Transfer Expo!


Maggia Parking
Via del Gregge, 116 – Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
telephone: 0331 071667
how to get there:
bus Central Station (Piazza Luigi di Savoia) in direction of Malpensa
Beatrice Bassani
Milan, June, 15th 2015

Autore: manoxmano

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